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Welcome to AEN and the Home of Soulville

My goal for AmericanEventsNetwork.com is straight forward. To help you get the right entertainment, timeline, show flow and create outrageous fun and excitement for your event.

To provide you with event strategies and options that you can use now that go beyond anything you may have expected, or even hoped. I've been fortunate in my life to have worked with, and become friends with some of the leading figures in the special events and entertainment world.

Many of my colleagues have agreed to allow me to make some of their best proprietary special event information available to you through this site.

The information and bonus’s we're adding will be worth hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars if it were to be published or sold independently. What it's worth in additional education to you could be many times that - if you apply it to your event(s). No one else on the Internet from our industry will be giving away this much quality information for free; the ultimate free offer with no risk at its best.


If I help you create an outstanding event; if I give you the advice that helps your party go way above and beyond; if I help you to create meaningful moments that you and your guests will always remember; the odds are good that you'll patronize my partners who’s businesses I have an interest in, as a means of giving back.

You'll probably avail yourself to services of other event industry leaders I collaborate with and endorse. And, as I turn more of my time and attention to adding value to events, partnerships, trading services and education in the newest event technology, you may decide to bring any future event or referral to my attention first.

After all, you'll already know that my ideas will work for your event.

Most who offer services in the entertainment industry simply wait for the right event to come along. I intend to help create them.

We're completely overhauling this site right now to give you the best in event products and information: Totally live entertainment with complete corporate and wedding packages from start to finish.

You can rest assured that this is no pie-in-the sky fanciful information coming from entertainment professionals who make their money on commissions. 

I have created immense value for my clients, and I am giving you that same information. So, I invite you to bookmark this website and return again.

How memorable do you want your party to be?


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